Why Do Dogs Chew Their Paws?

Dogs are self-groomers – like most animals you may find them licking themselves more often than not. If your dog is constantly licking or chewing their paws and/or pads (bottom of their paws), this may be the sign of a problem. It’s important to realize that why your dog is chewing and licking their paws is not just a bad habit, out of boredom or just a part of their daily grooming rituals.

You will also notice physical abnormalities around their paws if this problem isn’t treated. You may notice their paws are irritated from obsessive licking – there could be redness, swollen and, or inflamed areas in between their toes and on top of their paws.

Obsessive licking or chewing could cause more

harm than good for your dog – this overall discomfort is hard on your dogs paws. I’ve had this experience a couple of times with my dog. She wasn’t really licking in between her toes, or the top of her paws, but she was more focused on easing the pain on her pads.

My dog is a mountain dog, so naturally, she is a runner. She has been active since day one. She loves to hike and bike for hours on end. I am constantly thinking to myself, can this dog really keep going? Yes, she can. For miles, followed by a long and well-deserved nap.

Although, combining biking on pavement, trails and in the middle of summer without paw covers (booties) wasn’t one of my brightest moments. After a long afternoon of biking, I noticed my dogs attention to the bottom of her paw. The concrete had rubbed her paws raw. What did I use in this situation? In a small mountain town, I luckily found a natural “beeswax” paw “butter” that relieves pain in cracked and raw puppy pads. A few days later, her paws were healing up. She was licking the bottom of her paws less and we were back on the trails!

Written By Sarah Morin


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