All of our Products are Dirt to Dose Certified.

What is a Dirt to Dose Certification?

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Our hemp is only US grown with organic growing practices and tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals.

We extract our CBD and other cannabinoids using only clean methods – avoiding any toxins or harmful bi-products.

Products are produced in FDA and OTC registered facilities at some of the highest quality plants in the United States.

When products are finalized we ensure purity by triple testing and even offering you the ability to pull up the Certificate of Analysis (COA) that is specific to the product you purchased within our Quality page.

Certificate of Analysis'

Pioneers in the Extraction Field

With the large concern of companies extracting their Hemp-Derived CBD with harmful chemicals such as; Butane, Ethanol and CO2. We have patented a water-extraction process to keep our products top of the line with the cleanest process around.