Relief Drops

Add the healthful benefits of hemp to your dog’s diet

Natural  I Pure I  Restorative

As dog lovers, we’re extremely picky about what goes into our best buddy’s dog bowl and body. That’s why we source all of our hemp extract from U.S. sources and use a patented, all-natural extraction process. Just as each delicious chew we create is designed to ensure the best quality functional food choice for your best friend, every ingredient we use in our Relief Drops is tested for purity, efficacy and safety.

Millions of dog owners are turning to hemp as a safe and gentle treatment for behavioral and situational anxiety, joint pain and inflammation, to relieve digestive disorders (colitis), for immune system support, and to encourage more restful sleep and stimulate appetite. Our tincture and chews have absolutely no psychoactive effect – simply the natural goodness of the vitamins, minerals, protein, terpenes, chlorophyll and flavonoids the hemp plant contains.

One fluid ounce (30mg) bottle of 100% pure Hemp Extract with dropper