Active Petagens keep active dogs happy, healthy and ready for anything

Canine Best Delights is the originator of Petagens© a new approach in functional dietary supplements for today’s active dog. The science behind each of our formulations is based on centuries-old Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions of using herbs and roots known as Adaptogens to positively affect the immune system, reduce stress, and increase stamina and energy.

Canine Best Delights are Full Spectrum, Functional Food Supplements

Based on this ancient medicinal wisdom and the therapeutic powers of the hemp plant, we’ve developed our Canine Best Delights offerings. We call this new category of supplements Petagens™, an innovative breakthrough in support of the natural ability of dogs to optimize their bodily processes. By harnessing the rejuvenative powers of hemp and Ashwagandha, we’re making the natural active component of the hemp plant and the benefits of functional food ingredients available to dog lovers everywhere in our innovative, high quality, and all-natural products. Our tasty and nutritious chews, breath treat, and tincture are designed to support optimal health and wellness in all sizes and breeds, and make the most of your dog’s life every day.