Meet The Team

Chloe Terry - Co-Founder & Social Media / Public Relations

Chloe is Max's counterpart for Canine Best Delights' Marketing Team, where Max focuses on the brand and its development, Chloe focuses on the advocacy and outreach of the brand to the masses. When she isn’t at the beach or dog park throwing the ball for her Jack Russel, her professional talent is capturing an audience and converting onlookers to fans through community engagament and content. Chloe also considers the long-term impact and the relationship of brand to the public eye. Among many roles at Apple, Chloe once was able to preserve the integrity of a historical building while also maintaining Apple's extremely high Brand Standards. It is in the creative narrative that companies such as Canine Best Delights can tell their story. With an esthetic eye and over a decade of experience coordinating social media, preserving brand images, and developing marketing and public relation strategy, Chloe adds a tremendous value to Canine Best Delights' marketing team and the company's reach into the vast online world.


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Max Holihan - 


Max is an adventurer, journeying with his dog in tow - often surfing, hiking, and rock climbing. Max also has a keen eye for strong brands and a natural talent to help brands find their home online, reach the right audience, and enrich the brand's vision by conveying the right story. After a decade representing top companies such as Apple and Amazon, Max has built his career from sales - moving product into the hands of people to brand development - empowering brands the right voice through their eCommerce platform. Max came on board with Canine Best Delights early on to focus on building Canine Best Delights' brand and maximizing its online marketing potential. In partnership with Chloe Terry, who specializes in Social Media and Public Relations, Canine Best Delights' marketing team will be able to develop the brand in a market that stretches the globe.

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Arjuna Tague

Co-Founder & Sales Director for Canine Best Delights.
Twelve years experience in green space product sales ranging from solar electric systems, organic herbal supplements and super foods to Hemp Based consumer goods. 
Lived and worked in Costa Rica for six years on family's organic permaculture farm. Speaks English/Spanish
Dog enthusiast, surfer, rock climber & environmentalist.
Dogs' Name: Shaman.