It all started with Chloe

In 2016 Chloe was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Prior to the diagnosis we noticed her getting sluggish and sleeping more than normal.  In an effort to help with energy levels we began giving her super foods and adaptogens, such as ashwagandha, reishi mushroom, chlorella algae, and hemp extract – the improvements were immediate.

For the next 6 months she was like a new dog – back to her old self.  When we took her in for her routine veterinary visit the doctor noticed some swelling in her abdomen and ordered an x-ray, revealing the underlying problem – pancreatic cancer which had spread, she was given 3 days to live.

When speaking to the veterinarian about the cancer she said  “I don’t understand how Chloe made it this far with such an aggressive form of cancer” we told her about the superfoods and Hemp Extract, she was surprised and looked online immediately for any contraindications, about 10 mins later she said “well that was very good of you to provide those anti-inflammatory foods, I’m sure it helped her live longer and in less pain”


Six months later it was time to bring a new dog into our home, that’s when we got Shaman


A Weimaraner / Labrador mix, so full of energy it became overwhelming. After getting in trouble with the neighbors because of the barking and separation anxiety whenever I left him home alone. And over $10,000 spent on doggy day care and training, a friend suggested I give him Hemp Extract oil to help relax and calm down.  I figured well it can’t hurt, The effect was profound.

It worked so well that the doggy day care people began to comment on what a good dog he was becoming and how he really started to mellow and behave better.

This inspired the idea to create and easy convenient tasty supplement that dogs love, containing a controlled dose of Hemp Extract and adaptogens to help support the immune system and bodily functions.

Along with help and investment from friends and a lot of research and development, we now have several professional products designed to meet specific needs for dog of every age, from older dogs with joint  and pain issues to hyperactivity and dogs with bad breath.

Keeping in mind that your dog’s optimum health is our goal we use the best quality ingredients available.

We know you and your dog will love our products, we invite you to experience them and let us know what you think.

Sincerely Arjuna Tague,

Co-Founder Canine Best Delights