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Really helping
"I'm very impressed with this product. It contains just the right supplemental nutrition my senior dog needs to help him get around. My dog loves it too."
Hip & Joint Relief
Really Helping my Elderly German Shepards
"The dogs love them, and I have seen improvement in their mobility. They are showing more kick in their step. Will order again"
Hip & Joint Relief
Katy Back in Action!
"We have a 12 year old German Shepherd with acute arthritis in her hips. We’ve tried everything our vet recommended (from Rimadyl to injections). Although they helped we weren’t comfortable giving her Rimadyl due to the side effects. We were skeptical about CBD products, but decided to give them a try. Unfortunately none of them worked as well as advertised. A friend recommended Canine Best Delights so we ordered their Hip & Joint Relief. Once we figured out the right dosage (80 lb senior dog) the results have been phenomenal! She gets 4 chews in the morning and another 4 at night. She loves them!! Her appetite is improved, she’s no longer crying at night, she’s able to play with our other 2 dogs again, and sleeps better than ever.

It appears the combination of MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, ashwagandha, and higher amounts of hemp work far better than plain CBD. Our entire family is happy to have our Katy back!"
Hip & Joint Relief
Tim Reemtsma

Why Do Dogs Chew Their Paws?

Dogs are self-groomers – like most animals you may find them licking themselves more often than not. If your dog is constantly licking or chewing their paws and/or pads (bottom of their paws), this may be the sign of a problem. It’s important to realize that why your dog is chewing and licking their paws is not just a bad habit, out of boredom or just a part of their daily grooming rituals.

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Tim Reemtsma

Why does my dog twitch when he’s sleeping?

Dog spasms are normal while resting. Dogs twitching may also occur. Even small barks may happen while your dog is sleeping – they may be dreaming of chasing squirrels. All jokes aside – experts have confirmed that when dogs are deep in sleep, they act out their dreams physically.

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Zachery Kuykendall

Dog Training – An Overview – Things to Know

Before deciding when and how to train your dog you’ll achieve better results knowing as much about the options available as possible. Here is a general overview of the stages of dog training offered by private dog trainers, dog clubs and organizations such as the American Kennel Association…

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